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David Lienas

David Lienas (Barcelona 1972) graduated in Tourism from Girona's University and CETT private University. He studied cooking at Hofmann Cooking School in Barcelona, and worked in several Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Strasbourg. He has been chef of several restaurants in Barcelona and has worked as an advisor to the European Council on European regional products. He ran the Bellart Cooking School (Barcelona) for 11 years, where he got the recognition of VIC's University for its students. At the same time, he provides gastronomic advice to restaurants, hotels and companies in the food industry around the world. Currently is the principal of the Enjoy Cooking Barcelona Cooking School. He writes in several specialized cooking magazines and has published several books, and has also 34 other books written with other chefs.

David Lienas
Roman Holidays

Roman Holidays

Treat your team to delicious and authentic Italian flavors. This recipe for ricotta and spinach ravioli takes you on a trip back to the land of pizza and pasta to celebrate the simple home-cooked style Italy is famed for. 

Virtual Team Cooking Workshop

This team event ravioli recipe is the perfect way to introduce your team to the secrets of making handmade pasta. All pasta and filling is made fresh, filled with Ricotta cheese and spinach and given the typical ravioli shape. A fun night making a virtual dinner together with your co-workers, wherever they are in the world.

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In this Event You Will Be Cooking

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Available In 3 Formats

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Small Groups
Up to 20 Guests

Ideal for
People Managers
wanting to reward their team with a fun event
(e.g. Project Delivery Celebrations)

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Medium Groups
21 to 100 Guests

Ideal for
Event/HR Managers, EAs, PAs
organizing divisional events
(e.g. Seasonal Parties, Leadership Town Halls)

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Large Groups
100+ Guests

Ideal for Event Managers
wanting to include an informal session in the agenda of a big online event.
(E.g. Virtual Global Conferences)

Trust ChefPassport Experts

Your ChefPassport Virtual Event Manager will support you throughout the sales and delivery processes. On the day your ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer will  open lines, welcoming guests and orchestrating the event facilitation including tech support,  leaving to Your Top Chef Instructors entirely focused on the cooking experience. 

Prepare for the Event

Attendees need a portable device with a camera, audio, and
broadband Internet connection. We accommodate different video meeting tools, but we recommend Zoom. Participants receive an email invitation, which includes login information and their Online Travel Agenda (a manual including the ingredients and kitchenware needed on the day). If you did not select our Food Box option, guests are expected to purchase their own easily findable ingredients prior to the event.

This Virtual Cooking Team Event Is At Your Fingertips

Simply select your favorite menu, date and time and book online in a few clicks.
Our Event Manager will contact you within 1 business day to kick off the organization