French Wine And Cheese Tasting

French Wine And Cheese Tasting

This team event will provide you with in-depth knowledge about French cheese and wine pairing. You'll enjoy being guided through an exquisite tasting menu by Aristide Spies, renowned as third best sommelier in the world.

Available in 3 Formats

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Small Groups
Up to 20 Guests

Ideal for
People Managers
wanting to reward their team with a fun event
(e.g. Project Delivery Celebrations)

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Medium Groups
21 to 100 Guests

Ideal for
Event/HR Managers, EAs, PAs
organizing divisional events
(e.g. Seasonal Parties, Leadership Town Halls)

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Large Groups
100+ Guests

Ideal for Event Managers
wanting to include an informal session in the agenda of a big online event.
(E.g. Virtual Global Conferences)

Your Maître Sommelier

Aristide Spies

Diplômé Maître Sommelier des Vins et Spiritueux de France 2004
Meilleur Sommelier de Belgique Trophée Ruinart 2007
Premier Sommelier de Belgique Prosper Montagné 2008
Quart de finaliste lors des championnats du Monde des Sommeliers en 2010 à Santiago du Chili
Diplômé « WSET Diploma », Londres 2010
3e Meilleur Sommelier du Monde 2013 à Tokyo
Diplômé Master Sommelier, Londres en 2013

Trust ChefPassport Experts

Your ChefPassport Virtual Event Manager will support you throughout the sales and delivery processes. On the day your ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer will  open lines, welcoming guests and orchestrating the event facilitation including tech support,  leaving to Your Top Chef Instructors entirely focused on the cooking experience. 

Prepare for the Event

Attendees need a portable device with a camera, audio, and
broadband Internet connection. We accommodate different video meeting tools, but we recommend Zoom. Participants receive an email invitation, which includes login information and their Online Travel Agenda (a manual including the ingredients and kitchenware needed on the day). If you did not select our Food Box option, guests are expected to purchase their own easily findable ingredients prior to the event.