Meet the team

Co-Founder CEO-CTO

Matteo Ressa

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“Hi my name is Matteo Ressa and I am a co-founder of ChefPassport. Inspired by world travels and all the amazing food around the globe, I decided to dedicate my life to my passion - connecting, exchanging and bringing people together over, food, culture and traditions. This was the beginning of our company, and I am very excited that you want to explore the culinary arts with us.”

Before founding ChefPassport, Matteo worked in digital product development for major companies worldwide. He is an IT specialist with 20 years of experience. In 2019 Matteo joined together with Gaurav Gandhi to leverage knowledge and skills to start ChefPassport. Originally from Italy, Matteo currently resides in Luxembourg and mentors start-up companies and entrepreneurs as the Director of the Founder Institute. In his free time, you can find Matteo reading leadership and personal development books as he waits for a train, bus or plane to take him on his next travel and food adventure - more so food adventure than travel given the current pandemic. But, he is still reading, nonetheless!

Co-Founder COO-CFO

Gaurav Gandhi

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“Since 2019 Matteo and I have sought to connect our passions with our beliefs, then turn them into something valuable to improve others’ lives. We believe that food has the power to break down barriers, build bridges, connect people and unite cultures. With this in mind, we knew what we had to do - create the best online culinary dining experience for food enthusiasts alike.”

Prior to ChefPassport, Gaurav gained experience in working at startups in the United States, and later moved to Barcelona, Spain for his MBA. He began his career as a Biomedical Engineering, and later developed his skills in Operations and Project Management. In 2019, while exploring startup opportunities in Luxembourg, He stumbled upon ChefPassport, and found an instant connection with Matteo and their vision for the company. Gaurav was born in India and currently lives in Luxembourg. During his free time, you can find Gaurav cooking and planning his next travel adventure.


Danielle Diamond

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“Have you ever craved food from your holiday travels, but were never able to find it because international restaurants tend to “localize” their offer to accommodate the taste of the country in which they operate, instead of holding true to the dish’s authenticity? When Matteo and Gaurav asked me this question, I realized that more could be done to reproduce flavors and dishes in our digital age. I joined ChefPassport because I wanted to make food authenticity more accessible and help home cooks and chefs share their culture, ingredients and passion for the culinary arts.”

Danielle Diamond grew up in the United States and came to Europe during a gap year between her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. After spending a year in France, she moved to Luxembourg and studied Multicultural Communication. Immediately after university, she began working in marketing, communications and events across the financial services, satellite telecommunications and professional services sectors. She decided to venture into the startup world in September 2019 and joined ChefPassport in March 2020. In her free time, you can find Danielle taking a yoga, spinning or fitness boxing class or volunteering at local non-profits. 

Social Media Manager

Nicole Massimo

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“I love food. I love to travel. I love culture. When Matteo approached me with the opportunity to work for a company that shares my passion for creativity, new ways of learning and staying digitally connected to the world -  I was in. I especially appreciate the openness ChefPassport gives me in being a working mother. Matteo and Gaurav understand that family, food and culture are intertwined, which is why I think there is a great agile way of working we have here.”

Nicole grew up and currently resides in Milan, Italy. After having graduated from Language and Culture University, she specialized in editorial translating at Herzog publishing house. Nicole loves reading in her spare time and is passionate about being creative. She uses photography and music as her innovative outlets on a daily basis. You will most likely find Nicol kicking a soccer/football around as she has been a striker since she was a child and will never give up a love for the game.

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