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Milanesa Napolitana

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Argentina-Yolanda-Wu-Milanesa Napolitana

Milanesa is thought to have come over to Argentina with the Italian immigrants during the Italian diaspora between 1880-1930. "Cotoletta alla milanese" is what it was known in those days, for instance, "Schnitzel" shares the same origin. The Italian immigrants arrived in Argentina and brought with them their culture which had a huge impact on the local culture. Milanesa napolitana is a variation of milanesas. It does not originate from Naples; it is thought to have been invented in the 1940s at a Buenos Aires restaurant called “Nápoli de Jorge La Grotta”. It is very similar to veal parmesan, yet with South American flair. After the steak is breaded and fried, it's topped with tomato sauce, a slice of ham and melted mozzarella cheese. Leftovers make great sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes.