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Arroz con Leche de Coco

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Argentina-Yolanda-Wu-Arroz con Leche de Coco

Arroz con leche, ""rice with milk"", is one of the oldest desserts in Spain, comes with several regional variations, but the basic ingredients are the same: rice, milk, sugar and lemon or orange peel.

Spanish colonists brought this dish to the New World and it is loved by people in other Spanish speaking countries. You often find arroz con leche with other flavors added in and each one has their own twist with the same result, sweet, creamy rice that comforts with each luscious bite.

You can get very creative with this recipe, adding ingredients according to your taste or what you have available at the kitchen. In this recipe, I added in coconut milk to give it an extra depth of flavor.
You are encouraged to make experiments with rum or cognac soaked raisins, nutmeg, cloves, roasted nuts, condensed milk (if so, be sure to lower the amount of sugar in the recipe), dulce de leche (caramel), etc.