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Oxtail Kare Kare

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Philippines-Nhonie-Flores-Arroz Con Coco

Kare-kare is a Philippine stew complemented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It is made from a variation base of stewed oxtail, pork hocks, calves feet, pig feet, beef stew meat, and occasionally offal or tripe. It Can also be made with seafood (prawns, squid, and mussels) or vegetables. Vegetables, which include eggplant, Chinese cabbage, or other greens, daikon, green beans, okra, and asparagus beans are added—usually equaling or exceeding the amount of meat. The stew is flavored with ground roasted peanuts or peanut butter, onions, and garlic. It is colored with annatto seed and can be thickened with toasted or plain ground rice. It is a must to serve it with garlic infused shrimp paste.