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Italy - Francesca Bonicolini - Tiramisu

The Italian dessert par excellence is without doubt tiramisu. This dessert is listed on Italian menus around the world. It is so popular that its name is to be found in the common vocabulary of 23 different languages and it is the fifth most popular Italian word throughout Europe.

It is not shocking to think that there are millions of recipes for tiramisu. But mine is different and special. That is because the very simple recipe I use belongs to my mother Lucia, 71 years old, living here in Podere Valvigna with 2 dogs and 1 cat. She has worked 40 years in the family bakery and the recipe belongs to the story of the bakery in turn. In my memory, there is not one holiday from Christmas to Sunday dinner - that does not have mama Lucia’s tiramisu on the table. Book a class with me and learn how to carry on my mother’s legacy. Learn culture through food and join the tribe of tiramisu-lovers, a group of people who have been perfecting this dish since the 1800s. I can't wait to tell you the REAL history behind this dish! Pour the espresso in a bowl
Dip very quickly the biscuits' sides into the coffee, and make a layer to the bottom of a tray with high edges. Spread mascarpone mixture on the biscuits, then grate the chocolate on it, and repeat the layers till you finish the ingredients.
Finishing is with mascarpone & grate chocolate on top.
Rest in fridge for 6 hours or better overnight.