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Sweetbreads with Wine and Green Onions Sauce

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Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Sweetbreads with wine and green onions sauceVirtual Cooking Class

A pale, wobbly, fatty gland that comes from the area near the heart (the thymus) or the throat (the parotid gland), each with its own characteristics. We are talking about the sweetbreads, that achura that at first glance, stacked on the counter of the butcher shop, lacks all attraction. In fact, most of the countries of the world despise them, considering them a minor dispossession, which is not even for sale. But there are exceptions, of course. There is France, with all its gastronomic culture honoring the gizzard, in dishes as classic as aristocratic. And here is Argentina, a country of fires and embers, showing an irrepressible passion for this gland, which is verified in every self-respecting grill. That sweetbread that, cooked until it has a crispy exterior, served with salt and a generous lemon wedge on top, is a national weakness Considered by some chefs as the national foie gras, for its creamy texture and intense flavor, today the gizzard gains place not only in the grills but even in the best restaurants