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Place your brand in front of a world audience


ChefPassport is constantly establishing strategic partnerships with top brands in the food, restaurant and kitchen appliance industries.


Join our preferred partner program if you are eager to promote your products through a global network of Professional Chefs and passionate Home Cooks.

What you get

Product placement and word-of-mouth-marketing during live events

We encourage our culinary instructors to use and recommend products that are part of our preferred partner program during Online Cooking Courses and Live Events.

Advertising and direct email marketing

Are you a small business that wants to open into new markets? We can help you grow with direct email marketing to a community of avid followers situated across the globe.

Advertising and product placement on website

We are happy to support specific advertisements and products that help our food explorers enhance their culinary skills and travel the world of food. If your brand, service or product wants exposure in a trusted community of food and food-travel followers, partner with us. 

Advertising and social media marketing
We believe that food connects people and businesses, which is why we aim to promote products and services that align with our values and missions. Let’s connect over our passion and help each other grow in both the online and offline worlds.

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