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Social media & Digital Marketing Manager Apprentice 

As Social Media and Marketing Manager Apprentice you will be responsible for the following:


  1. Manage ChefPassport website content through Wix .

  2. Manage ChefPassport Social Media existing pages ( Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn )

  3. Oversee social media accounts’ design (e.g. Facebook timeline cover, profile pictures and overall layout)

  4. Create and maintain ChefPassport’s Twitter and Pinterest pages.

  5. Administrate the daily creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality text, photographic and video content, external news.

  6. Create a regular publishing schedule.

  7. Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns.

  8. Communicate with followers, respond to queries, managing posts.

  9. Create an implement ChefPassport’s blog

Required skills

  1. Up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends.

  2. Copywriting skills to express ChefPassport company’s vision creatively.2. Excellent communication & English

  3. Hands-on experience in content management (e.g. knowledge of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere

  4. Pro, Audacity or other media editing software).

  5. Good ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video).

  6. Familiarity with SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics.

  7. Knowledge of online marketing channels.

  8. Familiarity with web design.

  9. Analytical and multitasking skills.

  10. Strong organization and good project management attitude, ability to meet deadlines.

  11. Excellent time management skills, punctuality and self-discipline.

  12. Ability to move at a fast pace, adapt to frequent changes.

As Business Developer & Analyst apprentice you will be responsible for the following: 

  1. Drive business development initiatives aligned with ChefPassport strategic growth goals 

  2. Create and maintain relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, both consumers and corporates 

  3. Conduct market analysis, size opportunities, define offers, create and track success metrics 

  4. Write product, services and program plans 

  5. Scope and operate new business programs 

  6. Maintain and improve existing products and services 

  7. Identify new opportunities for new products and services 


Required Skills: 

  1. Plenty of initiative and high motivation 

  2. Ability to establish great relationships with people 

  3. Meticulous planning and crisp proposal writing 

  4. Strong research and strategic analysis skills. 

  5. Good business sense & negotiation skills 

  6. Good understanding of marketing principles 

  7. Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written 

  8. A positive attitude, confidence to deal with partners and customers 

  9. Account Mapping, filtering and classify the future clients in line with the business goals 

  10. Requirements Elicitation, ability to understand customer requirements clearly and turn them in proposals r new products/projects/programs/services. 

  11. Attire, Attitude and Personality

  12. Full professional knowledge of English. Other language is a plus

Other qualities we are looking for include in every position:

1. Be great fun to work with. In this role, you will love what you do, and instinctively know how to
make work fun. You will be dynamic and creative, and willing to take on any challenge and make a
big impact.
2. Be data-driven, with high judgment. ChefPassport is brand new, this means there is a lot of room for
experimentation and adaptation, but in these early days we lack all the data and market validation
which a more established business would have. Be analytical in your approach, and yet also be able
to use sound judgment to make smart decisions in the absence of data.
3. Be scrappy: as every news startup we need to move fast, learn and adapt along the way. You need
to be ready sometimes to roll up their sleeves and adapt to help on potential shifts of priorities.

Business developer & Analyst ApprentiCe

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