Japanese Soul Kitchen

12 June, 7.30 PM - CEST

Virtual Cooking Event with
Chef Yuka Caves 

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Registration open until Wednesday 10 June 

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Hello! My name is Yuka your Japanese Top Chef instructor

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Chef Yuka Caves is professionally trained in the art of traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. Yuka’s extensive knowledge and expertise in Japanese home cooking and formal training enables her to teach with approachable and friendly techniques. Her concept focuses on using seasonal ingredients to create simple, delicious and beautifully presented menus. Yuka is also a great advocate of using local ingredients which are easily accessible. With her creative flair and natural enthusiasm, Yuka’s classes are fun, practical and hands-on, whatever your ability.

Learn how to Cook Okonomiyaki
お好み (Okonomi) means “how do you like" 
焼き(Yaki) means "cooked"

Chef Yuka will take us on a nostalgic soul searching culinary journey from Hiroshima to Kansai whilst teaching us how to make the flavoursome Okonomiyaki - a savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients in a wheat-flour-based batter. Easily adaptable to vegetarian and vegan requirements.