Bring the flavors of the world on your table. Everyday

ChefPassport helps you learn how to cook traditional dishes from all over the world with the help of expert local chefs and home cooks, via live streaming, interactive cooking classes.

Our instructors will take you to a virtual cooking tour in their food culture, you will learn how to treat ingredients, cook and present local dishes while getting to know more about their story and their countries.

Discover new dishes, meet international people, take your cooking skills to the next level and learn new cultures. All this from the comfort of your kitchen.

Where do you want to travelcook virtually?

ChefPassport is onboarding more and more cook instructors from all over the world.  You can currently find cooks from Italy, U.S.A, Egypt, India, Greece. 

Not only professional chefs, but we believe in the passion of family cooking, and we want to preserve and redeiscover the treasure of local food knowledge passed over from generation to generation. 

Browse our chefs and select the one you want to interact with. You will see pro chefs as well as home cooks, together with their cooking proposals and time availabilities.


Choose the dish you want to learn to cook and book a slot when the chef is available.

Prepare your equipment, kitchen tools, ingredients and review them with us

Virtual cooking is easy. You only need a portable device (laptop, tablet) with a camera, audio and broadband internet connection. 

As soon as you book your class, you will receive a detailed recipe and the list of required ingredients and kitchen tools. Buy your groceries, double check you have the right tools and...put your apron on!

The class will take place over a video call, you just need to position your device in your kitchen with a good shooting angle.

Don't worry, we will help you! A few days before the class happens, one of our representatives will contact you to answer your last minute questions and make sure all is set up perfectly to run the class. 

Meet, Cook and Learn!

The agreed day, the cook instructor will video call you and you will cook together. They will provide you step by step guidance, give you hints and answer your questions, to make sure everything turns out perfect.

During the lesson, our cook instructors will also share cooking tips & tricks as well as facts and anecdotes about their countries and food culture. 

After 1-2 hours of lesson, your authentic local dish will be ready to serve on your table and become an unforgettable experience for your family, friends, and guests!

all in four easy steps


What do you want to cook?

Is it something you tried from your last vacation? Or is it something you've seen on food travel show? Take a look at our classes and browse your next cooking destination!


Booking your class is easy! Match your schedule with the available slots in our chefs' schedule. Just in few clicks, you are all set!


Prepare all the ingredients and the kitchen tools, make sure your kitchen and tech is up and running. Set your laptop or tablet camera. Don't worry, an assistant will contact you to help you along the preparation!


You are good to go! Your selected chef will video call you at the agreed time and you will cook together, interacting from the comfort of your kitchen. Put your apron on and have fun cooking!

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