Frequently asked questions

For customers registered to cook along live stream classes. 

What video platform?

We use  Zoom for our public sessions, but happy to work work with Google Hangouts, Factime, Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp groups for tailored classes.

How to prepare ingredients?

For those of you who have decided to cook along with the Che, we recommend that you get your ingredients the day of or a few days before your course. 

How to prepare kitchenware?

We recommend that you wash, clean and dry your kitchenware tools prior to the class.

How to prepare food?

We recommend that you clean and wash all vegetables and fruits prior to the course. 

How to login to the course?

You should login and test your equipment ten minutes before the course start time. Login information to your class can be found in your confirmation email. 

Watch this short video if you have trouble getting into Zoom with your desktop. 

Watch this short video if you are having trouble getting into Zoom with your mobile. 

TIP: remember to test your speakers and microphone to ensure the Chef can hear and see you.

How to prepare for the session?

During the course, you will see both the Chef, as well as our ChefPassport Tech team. To ensure everyone can hear one another during the call, we request that you follow some online cooking session best practices:

  • If you are cooking along with the Chef, please keep your video on during the session - so the Chef can engage with you and see how you are doing, optional

  • Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself muted, as our ChefPassport Tech team will moderate the session and mute callers who are not speaking and have background noise. - this helps the Chef and others hear more clearly

  • Interact and speak with the Chef when you have questions or want to learn more about a certain technique, ingredient, dish story etc. You will be prompted by ChefPassport Tech when mics are open for video and audio interactions and when you should use the chat box to interact with the Chef. 

  • Feel free to use the chat box for software or tech-related questions, a ChefPassport Tech team member will be moderating the box for any technical issues that may arise and help you work through them smoothly. Simply send a private message to ‘ChefPassport Tech’