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Frequently asked questions

Why cooking as a virtual team building experience?

Research shows that a satisfactory, rewarding and fun activity has a high impact on employee engagement ultimately reducing attrition and improving productivity. When one sits back and breaks down the goals of team building, the similarities are comparable to the skills needed to succeed in the kitchen.What are these synergistic bullet points and how can they merge business with “pleasure”? - Communication - Problem Solving and Decision makin - Troubleshooting - Planning and adaptability - Building trust When one reads over these traits, it is very easy to see that they are also “key” points of focus used in many facets of life. When in the kitchen, not only is communication a given, but how many times have you encountered a recipe and did not have an ingredient! For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, modifying can be in some cases, life or death, creating the need to troubleshoot and adapt and problem solve. The ability to take what is needed for business success and merge the underlying tactics needed in the kitchen is a win-win for individuals, teams and organizations.a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How does this work?

Sign up to become a ChefPassport Event Management Partner and we will send you a unique link you can use to promote our unforgettable virtual team building activities immediatly.

What am I supposed to do with the link?

You can use the link everywhere in your marketing assets, website, corporate brochure, QR codes, fliers etc.

So can I really generate passive revenues?

Absolutely! You just need to promote your ChefPassport Unique Link in your marketing channels. For each confirmed booking we will receive via your ChefPassport Unique Link you’ll receive a 15% commission (as a very minimum, depending on your plan), pretty cool uh?

How much money can I make?

This really depends because the price of ChefPassport events varys significantly depending on the number of participants and on the add-on services potentally selected by the client (e.g. ingredients and merchandising doorstep delivery). Ballpark example:

1) For a small TeamCook event for up to 10 people, without any logistics involvement, the price is around 800€-900€. Say that you signed up for a Partner Basic Plan (15% Commission), you will receive a 120€-135€ revenue share.

2) For a large Cookinar event with 150 people including the delivery of the ingredients and branded aprons to every participant around the world, the price may land in between 15.000€ and 20.000€. Say that you signed up for a Partner Business Plan (20% Commission), you will receive a 3.000-4.000€ revenue share.


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