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Pasta All The Way

There are many ways of doing pasta, and in this class, Chef Nico will guide you to create Italian traditional and classical recipes like Carbonara and Amatriciana.


Italian Family's Sundays

Invite Chef Gianna and Ludovica to your kitchen for an authentic Italian Sunday family meal. These Milanese aunt and niece will share you their family's secret in creating delicious Italian dishes, such as Spaghetti Meatballs.

Gianna & Ludovica

Colourful Greece

Sail through the colourful and flavourful Greece with Chef Zoe. In this class, she will bring you the fresh Mediterranean flavours, including her all time favourite, Moussaka.


Yes, it's U.S. Classics!

Apple pie, fried chicken, mac and cheese! You will be surprised by how many US classic dishes that are ready to enter your personal cook book. Our pro-chef and video producer, Chef Matthew, will bring you for a delicious journey through the states and to his town's homey food.


Warmth of India

The culture, the people, and the food of India are so vibrant and heartwarming. Chef Aditya and Richa is opening their kitchen to share you all the traditions of Indian cuisine. Book and enjoy the warmth of Indian food, including the most famous traditial one: Curry!

Aditya & Richa

One Way to Egypt

Come to Egypt and never go back! Learn how to make healthy yet fulfilling Egyptian specialties, such as Maqlouba, from our Egyptian Chef Fatma that will greet you with a big smile from her home in Luxembourg.


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