Our Cooking classes

We currently offer international cooking classes in video conference across the following cuisines

Italy Greece United States India Egypt Thailand

Italian Cooking Classes


Italian Pasta Experience

Learn how to cook two classic pasta dishes of the Italian tradition: Carbonara Amatriciana.

Chef Nico will guide you step by step through the authentic Italian traditional recipe. 

Sundays in family

This class will bring on your table the traditional flavors of a Sunday cooking in a Milanese family. 

Gianna and Ludovica will teach you and share with you the cooking secrets of their family.  Their local version of Spaghetti meatballs an many more delicious dishes.


Greek Cooking Classes

Greek Tastes

Some of the classic Greek dishes to bring these authentic Mediterranean flavors on your table. 

In this incredible class, Zoe is ready to video teach you how to prepare  the perfect Moussaka and other delicious specialties.

US Classics

You will be surprised by so many classic dishes from United States, ready to enter your private cooking book. 


Matthew our pro chef and video producer is looking forward to video chatting with you to teach you the secrets of the traditional cuisine from United States. 


United States Cooking Classes


Indian Cooking Classes

Indian journey

Curry is by far one of the most traditional dishes from India. It is also used as a foundation for different dishes which Aditya and Richa will teach you in video streaming.


Book their Indian cooking and become a master of Indian cuisine 


Egyptian Cooking Classes

One way to Egypt

Learn how to make Maqlouba, and other Egyptian specialties with the private coaching of Fatma, an egyptian home cook who will video call you from her home in Luxembourg.

Thai Cooking Classes


Thai Food so Easy

Thai Spring rolls and Green Curry like you can only find in Bangkok. Soe, our professional Thai Chef  is ready to take you through the colors and tastes of her country.

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