Our Chefs

Top Chef Instructors

Tapas and Paella Master from Barcelona, Spain

Joshua Weitzer

Joshua Weitzer ChefPassport Spanish Chef - Cooking Class

Culinary instructor and Food Writer specialized in Greek Cuisine

Kit Smyth

Kit Kennedy - ChefPassport Greek Chef - Cooking Class

Chef and Sake Sommelier trained in Japanese Kaiseki cuisine

Yuka Caves

Yuka Caves ChefPassport Japanese Chef - Cooking Class

Specialized in Italian traditional cuisine

David Lienas

David Lienas ChefPassport Spanish Chef - Cooking Class

Professional Digital Chefs

Italian Chef Instructor

Max Tripoli

A passionate chef, who makes traditional and creative Peruvian cuisine

Jonathan Guardia

Jonathan Guardia ChefPassport Peruvian Chef - Cooking Class

Professional Moroccan Chef! Here to teach you real Moroccan delicacies!

Mounaime Kodssi

Mounaime Kodssi ChefPassport Moroccon - Cooking Class

A professional chef with a International cuisine background

Zurath Kamdin

Zurath Kamdin- ChefPassport Indian - Cooking Class

Passionate about Colombian gastronomy

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez - ChefPassport Colombian-Cooking Classs

Chef and food video producer living in Los Angeles

Matthew Frances

Matthew Francis ChefPassport American United States Chef - Cooking Class

Professional Chef & Instructor from Mexico!

Jose Arturo

Jose Arturo ChefPassport Mexican Chef - Cooking Class

Professional Chef from Indonesia

Andre Susilo

Andre Susilo ChefPasspoort Indonesian Chef - Cooking Class

Love eating and cooking delicious Filipino food

Judel Sean

Chef Judel Sean - ChefPassport Filipino Chef - Cooking Class

Sofia Lahlali from Morocco! Loves to Cook

Sofia Lahlali

Sofia Lahlali- ChefPassport Moroccan - Cooking Class

Chef Geronimo Flores is passionate for authentic Filipino food

Geronimo Flores

Chef Geronimo Flores- ChefPassport Filipino Chef - Cooking Class

Pro Chef from Bangkok, expert of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine

Soe Cavalca

Soe Cavalca ChefPassport Thai Chef - Cooking Class

Pro Argentinian Chef living in Panamá

Fabian Vitale

Chef Fabian Vitale - Virtual Cooking Classes

Passionate and creative chef always on the go.

Jair Herrera

Jair Herrera ChefPasspoort Mexican Chef - Cooking Class

Pakistani Chef, in love with Spices

Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed Khan - ChefPassport Pakistani - Cooking Class

Chef Betül Unudulmaz is our professiona chef from Istanbul

Betul Unudulmaz

Betul Unudulmaz- ChefPassport Turkish - Cooking Class

Professional Pakistani Chef! Here to teach you real Pakistani delicacies

Samuel Ghafoor

Samuel Ghafoor ChefPassport Pakistani - Cooking Class

Home Cook from Japan. Passionate of old Japanese homefood

Ikuko Asoh

Ikuko Asoh - ChefPassport Japanese Chef - Cooking Class

Italian Chef instructor from Rome

Filippo Melfi

Filippo Melfi ChefPassport Italian Chef - Cooking Class

Fine Dining Trained Chef from Argentina

Yolanda Wu

Yolanda Wu ChefPasspoort Argentinian Chef - Cooking Class

World traveled~Culinary since 16 in N.Y

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington - ChefPassport Brazilian - Cooking Class

Professional Chef from Karachi, Pakistan!

Hira Farrukh

Hira Farrukh - Chefpassport Pakistani-Cooking Class

Pro Indian Chef, Based out of Mumbai and passionate about Indian food

Swapnil Jadhav

Swapnil Jadhav ChefPassport Indian - Cooking Class

Professional Chef from Belgrade Serbia mastering Balcan cuisine

Goran Josipovic

Goran Josipovic ChefPassport Serbian Chef - Cooking Class

Food Influencers

Food Blogger from Tuscany, Italy

Francesca Bonicolini

Francesca Bonicolinii ChefPassport Italian Chef - Cooking Class

A self-taught chef, passionate food addict and recipe developer.

Shery Mesbah

Shery Awad ChefPasspoort Egyptian Chef - Cooking Class

An at-home culinary adventurer who loves butter

Chase Nilson

Chase Nilson - ChefPassport Italian Chef - Cooking Class

Passionate home cook from Egypt, running social cooking classes at home

Fatma El-Hassan

Fatma El-Hassan ChefPassport Egyptian Chef - Cooking Class