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Zurath Kamdin
Zurath Kamdin


Indian, Iranian


English, Hindi, Tamil

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PST Pacific Standard Time GMT + 8:00


Pro Chef

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Chef Zurath Kamdin is a professional chef residing in Hong Kong. At a very young age his passion for cooking stood out. Graduating in allied sciences he also studies the catering world which led him on an adventure of culinary culture. His repertoire grew as did his travels around the world, cementing his skills in international cuisine. After recently retiring from running a largely successful production and catering company in Hong Kong, chef is thankful to be able to share his culinary skills and knowledge. The ability to elevate his patrons experience is pure joy for chef. His next wave of adventure is teaching! Chef says any age can learn and coking children is always a delight, to see how their mind works brings out his inner child. The ability to give knowledge of food such as the uses of spices for health and wellness, the history of food evolution over the ages is a career highlight for Chef. He will share all of this and so much more to please all the international pallets.

Pan Fried Potato with cumin seeds

India-Zurath-Kamdin-Aloo Jeera
Aloo Jeera

Native to South India mostly Sheera goes by many other names. It can be served at any part of the day in combination with other food, or on its own.

India-Zurath-Kamdin-Pineapple Sheera
Pineapple Sheera

Stuffed Squid. A dish of many variations.

India-Zurath-Kamdin-Lulas Reachad
Lulas Reachad (Stuffed squid in tomato sauce)

Staple food of the coastal region of Kerala. Usually eaten with Matta Rice (Indian Red Rice, native to the Kerala region of India) or Appams

India-Zurath-Kamdin-Fish Molee
Fish Molee