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Chef Zoe Stavroulaki is an (amateur) (Home) chef who is from the beautifully tranquil country of Greece. She considers herself a traditional Mediterranean woman that takes pride in the good cooking habits her rich culture believes in. Plates layered with fresh ingredients, the beauty of tasting the full body of olive oil and of course wine. Her culinary journey grew with her dream of sharing traditional Greek recipes and cooking traditions. With the skill of being in the kitchen always being a driving passion, her next life steps put her on a path of cooking professionally. The past three years she has organized and grown a food delivery business. The Mediterranean culture is full of personality and a beautifully balanced social life that connects to the people that matter. A rule of thumb to eat as few meals as possible alone, she looks forward to taking you on a cooking adventure, the Mediterranean way.

Dishes you can learn with


Octopus macaroni

A beloved homemade and traditional dish served in Greece’s coastal areas. This dish that is served during Greek lent and often consumed on the first day of lent known as Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday). Greece usually eat that along with the lagana (Greek flatbread), taramosalata and olives.

Greece - Zoe Starvoulaki - Octopus macaroni

Gemista (Stuffed Tomato and Green Bell Peppers) is a delicious Greek classic made with tomatoes and green bell peppers stuffed with rice and fresh herbs baked with potatoes.

Greece - Zoe Starvoulaki - Gemista

Giouvetsi or Youvetsis a baked Greek dish made with chicken, lamb or beef and pasta, either kritharaki (orzo) or hilopites (small square noodles), and tomato sauce (usually spiced with allspice and sometimes cinnamon, cloves or bay leaves)[1]. Other common ingredients include onions/shallots, garlic, beef stock, and red wine, as well as some cheese to serve.

Greece - Zoe Starvoulaki - Giuvetsi

Moussaka is probably one of the most traditional Greek dishes. It is a layered oven casserole dish made with vegetables and meat. The most well-known version of moussaka is made with layers of eggplant slices, cheese, and a meat sauce, topped with a thick béchamel sauce.

Greece - Zoe Starvoulaki - Moussaka