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Swapnil Jadhav
Swapnil Jadhav


Indian, Italian


English, Marathi, Hindi

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IST India Standard Time GMT+5:30


Pro Chef

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Chef Swapnil Jadhav has quite the culinary repertoire stretching across the world.Originally from the beautifully exotic Lonavala, India, he will tell you he is a traditional Maharashtran boy. Chef Swapnil received a degree in Hospitality from Pune University and discovered early on his passion for food. His culinary career has taken him across the skies working with Emirates Airline as a private chef in Dubai, to Singapore as an Italian chef for Centralize Kitchen, and back to India where he currently works as a Chef Manager. Chef invites you to join him on a culinary adventure of pleasing pallets with the ever rich and lovely Italian staples. “È ora di cucinare”- Time to Cook

A classic north Indian Starter

India - Swapnil Jadhav - Tandoori Chicken wings
Clay Oven Chicken Tandoori Wings

A Classic Indian Street food

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Keema Pav
Keema Pav

Chana Masala pairs perfectly with steam Rice or Fried Bread.

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Chana Masala
Chana Masala

Indian Beetroot Halwa (Beetroot pudding)

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Beetroot Halwa
Indian RedVelvet Halwa

Dal Gosht (Meat simmered in lentil) pairs perfectly with Steam Rice or Butter Naan.

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Dal Gosht
Dal Gosht

Chicken Cafreal is starter served with fried potato or salad.

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Chicken Cafreal
Chicken Cafreal

Mutton Vindaloo is a classic dish from Indian state of Goa

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Mutton Vindaloo
Mutton Vindaloo

Basmati long grain rice cooked together with vegetable in pressure cooker.

India - Swapnil Jadhav -Vegetarian Biryani
Vegetarian Biryani