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Chef Sofia Lahlali is a personal chef from Morocco. Growing up on the local cuisine quickly showed her a passion to learn the wonderful flavor profile specific to the Moroccan culture. At 39 years old, Chef Sofia is here to do just that! With the kitchen being her comfort zone, and a belief that cooking is a love language, students will find a wonderful personal touch with Sofia as she shares all her knowledge in the dishes she cherishes.

Dishes you can learn with


Moroccan Bread

The public oven is one of the advantages of our Chef's country Morocco. Most Moroccan families resort to the oven to cook their home bread in a traditional way .
The oven temperature is controlled by wood burning. This bread recipe has been handed over generations, and will perfectly pair with a tangine dish!

Morocco-Sofia-Lahlali-Moroccan Bread
Lentil soup with minced meat

Super easy and delicious dish from Morocco. The earthiness of lentils combines beautifully with umami of the meat. Serve with bread!

Morocco-Sofia-Lahlali-Lentil Soup With Minced Meat
Seasonal fruit sweetener

The winter season is known for fruits such as apples , lemons , pears and cherries .It provides us with vitamines that help us fights colds. This sweetner will refresh and fill you up with energy

Morocco-Sofia-Lahlali-Seasonal Fruit Sweetener
Beef with Plum

A moroccan dish prepared when you are craving meat, but don’t have much time to prepare. Simple yet, extremely aromatic. Perfect to combine with Rice or bread

Morocco-Sofia-Lahlali-Beef with Prunes
Fish Tagine with Vegetables

This dish is very delicious because of the mix of different vegetables. The flavor profile is primarily due to the spice mix and your choice of vegetables.

Morocco-Sofia-Lahlali-Fish Tangine with Vegetables