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Chef Samuel Ghafoor is a professional chef from Karachi, Pakistan. His drive for authentic cuisine led him to earn his Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts, where he specializes in Pakistani cuisine. A lover of food and understanding the importance of constantly growing, chef has experience working in a variety of restaurants including prime hotels. Chef believes in being innovative and takes that approach in delivering authentic cuisines. He will offer you the tools to learn unique food presentation, unparalleled services and all the skills needed to elevate your level of Pakistani Cuisine.

Dishes you can learn with


Pakora Veggie Fritters

Pakora or Bhajji is a widely consumed snack in the Indian subcontinent. From streets of Karachi to a 5 star hotel in Lahore, you can find this delicious snack on the menu. Being made from Besan (Gram Flour), its an excellent snack if you are on a Gluten free diet!

Pakistan-Samuel Ghafoor-Pakora
Sindhi Biryani - Chicken

Believed to have origins in Persia (Modern day Iran), No trip to the Indian Subcontinent is complete without a Biryani. This perticular version comes from Sindh region of Pakista. In Sindhi Biryani, the meat is precooked in spices which increases the flavor profile of the rice.

Pakistan-Samuel Ghafoor-Sindhi Biryani
Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Different regions of the world have their own version of a rice pudding, but this perticular one comes from Pakistan. Using rice flour instead of rice, creates a smoother texture and consistency. The dried fruits and Kesar (Saffron) elevate the dish to a regal level!

Pakistan-Samuel Ghafoor-Kheer