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Chef Mounaime Kodssi is a professional Chef from the beautiful Morocco. Falling in love with the rich and flavorful Moroccan cuisine early on in life, Chef graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of cooking and never looked back. Talent and Drive fueled Chef’s passion knowledge in all thing’s gastronomy. To know what works on a menu and what stands out gives Chef Mounaime the ultimate edge on Moroccan Cuisine, sharing the real Moroccan delicacies

Dishes you can learn with


Fish Tagine

This is a classic fish recipe from Morocco. Tagine is the clay dish which is used to layer the vegetables and fish to bake it in a hot oven.The preparation of cooking the fish and vegatables together, makes this dish a flavorful but user freidnly dish to cook. A perfect dish to be shared and enjoyed with rice or bread.

Morocco-Mounaime Kodssi-Fish Tagine
Meat Tagine

Probably the most famous dish out of Morocco. In the old days, the dish will be baked for 3 hours in a clay dish (Tagine). This version of it is made in a pressure cooker. Which makes the meat extremely tender and juicy.

Morocco-Mounaime Kodssi-Meat Tagine
Chicken Tagine

The Chicken version of Tagine completes the Moroccon Trio! This dish is aromatic, savory and a luxurious blend of Spices, Vegetables and Chicken!

Morocco-Mounaime Kodssi-Chicken Tagine