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Kit Kennedy
Kit Kennedy


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Chef Kit Kennedy is a Professional chef formally trained in Australia with a focus on European cuisine. Chef Kit relocated to the United Kingdom where she is retired as an executive chef and shifted gears to food writing. In 2005, chef needed to continue to share her love of food by offering her own hands on classes. Those who are close to Chef, know her passion for traditional and rustic cooking. Chef says, “I love to get into the history of different dishes to uncover their authentic flavors.” Taking so much joy in painting the picture of the world the dish originated from, Chef asks “Which cuisines can I share with you?” Let take a trip. “How about Australia’s Gold Coast, cruise the islands of Italy and Greece, wander the length and breadth of the Mediterranean Sea, or stop off and foray into any European country for a meal of your choice.” One thing is for sure, Chef Kit is here to elevate your cooking experience and take you on a culinary adventure- just pick where!

The classic dessert from the Aegean, sweet, flaky, and moreish with every bite.

Greece - Kit Kennedy -Baklava

There is nothing better than golden-crusted and melted cheese, and Saganaki is the king!

Greece - Kit Kennedy -Saganaki Cheese
Saganaki Cheese

A deliciously moist and semi-sweet cake; great for those on a restricted diet who don't want to skip the finer things in life.

Greece - Kit Kennedy -Greek yoghurt and olive oil cake
Greek yoghurt and olive oil cake

Wrapped around gyros, or as a snack, Pita is the answer!

Greece - Kit Kennedy -Pita
Pita - Greek Flat Bread

When you think of Greek food, Tzatziki is the word!

Greece - Kit Kennedy -Tzatziki