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Judel Sean
Judel Sean


Filipino, Italian


English, Tagalog

Time Zone:

CTT China Taiwan Time GMT+8:00


Pro Chef

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A graduate of hotel and restaurant management, who loves the art of cooking. Although he has deep knowledge of Filipino cuisine, he also loves Italian and Japanese cooking methods. Like a true Italian, he prefers freshly made pasta!

Crispy pork belly

Philippines-Judel Sean-Crispy Lechon Bagnet
Crispy Lechon Bagnet

Beef stew in peanut butter sauce with bagoong as condiment

Philippines-Judel Sean-Beef Kare Kare
Beef Kare Kare

Lumpiang ubod with sweet salty nutty sauce

Philippines-Judel Sean-Lumpiang Ubod
Lumpiang Ubod