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Chef Judel Sean is an amateur Chef from the Philippines. After getting his degree in hotel and restaurant management, Chef Judel quickly knew his direction would be in the kitchen. Growing his culinary resume by working in a variety of restaurants, he has great knowledge of French and Italian Cuisine, though he specializes in Pilipino cuisine- after all, its home. Chef is keen to focus on using fresh local ingredients and says, “I love the local ingredients from my country because there are many that are only found here.” Those close to chef will say cooking is everything for Judel, he loves creating new dishes, and sharing his passion with those eager to learn.

Dishes you can learn with

Judel Sean

Crispy Lechon Bagnet

This dish originated from the north part of Philippines the city of Ilocos. However you would find different versions of this dish all around the Philippines.This crispy pork belly delight deserves as many variations as it can find.

Philippines-Judel Sean-Crispy Lechon Bagnet
Beef Kare Kare

A succulent beef chuck with a soft chewy beef tripe which is simmered in peanut butter sauce and then serve with bok choy, eggplant and string beans then serve together with white rice and bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) This is one of the most well known dishes in the Philippines. This dish is dear to me as it reminds me of the time cooking this with my late grandfather.

Philippines-Judel Sean-Beef Kare Kare
Lumpiang Ubod

Lumpia ubod is dish full of vegetables from Philippines, using the heart of palm-ubod- this dish is also known as heart of palm spring rolls.A variety of sauted vegatables arewrapped up in a thin egg crepe.The deliscous final touch is the sweet, salty nutty sauce drizzled on top. The poular appatizer is a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Philippines-Judel Sean-Lumpiang Ubod