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I have been a foodie since I was very young and have always shared the passion for international cuisine that my parents shared with me. I love exploring new flavors and techniques and have basically taught myself about the finer points of cooking. While I have taken a few courses in cooking over the years (in particular here in Barcelona) I have not been to culinary school. I have received training though from a school that I worked for in the past here in Barcelona (Canela Fina). About 8 years ago I started teaching English and cooking with them, but unfortunately it was not as successful as we had hoped, but they liked my energy and hired me to teach tourist classes for them. About 5 years ago I started my own project the Barcelona Paella Experience and opened my very own cooking school here in Barcelona where I specialize in Paella, Tapas, Spanish cookery and local catalan cooking. If you would like to visit my site it is at www.barcelona-paella.com as well please check out my reviews on Trip advisor and you will see that I have also specialized in creating special memories and making strong connections with travellers. I love cooking, but I think that my greatest quality is my communication skills. Making the connection with people is how to really get them excited about learning how to cook something new. As well, i have just recently begun to teach online and if you would like I can send an example of my work (I will be a featured chef working weekly with The Tour Guy (an international tour provider). If you have any questions for me I would be happy to answer them as soon as I can!

Dishes you can learn with


Spanish Tortilla

The Spanish Tortilla is the iconic dish of the tapas bar in Spain. While making one is an easy task, making it the right way requires just a bit of patience and of course top quality raw materials to make this simple marriage of potato,onion and eggs. We will learn the right way to get that magic flavor that keeps Spaniards ordering this tapa evey day.

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Spanish Tortilla
Mussels a la vinagreta

This dish of chilled mussels a la vinagreta is a classic tapa in the summer here in Spain. Taking advantage of the high quality and great flavor of Spanish vegetables this is a great way to enjoy mussels when the heat of summer makes you crave cool and refreshing flavors. The key to this dish of course is to use quality ingredients and a touch of patience.

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Mussels a la vinagreta
Gambas al Ajillo

This Tapa is one of the favorites of the people out in the Tapas bars opf Seville. The sweet and rich flavors of shrimp is lovlingly married to gently fried garlic, rich and flavorful Spanish olive oil and of course the famous flavor of Spanish Paprika. As well if you like a touch of spicy you can heat things up with a touch of cayenne flavor to make your shrimp even more exciting!

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Gambas al Ajillo
Seafood Paella

Traditional Spanish Seafood Paella with shellfish, shrimp, and seafood is one of the classic dishes you can have in Spain. Even the most experienced chefs are very careful when making Paella because it requires attention to detail and of course quality ingredients to make a successful Paella. In this class we will cover all of the keys (broth, sofrito, cooking order) you need to get the amazing flavor that Paella can have!

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Seafood Paella
Crema Catalana

This lovely custard is a typical Catalan dessert that you can find all over Spain. A lovely combination of spice and citric notes this custard is easy to prepare and always puts a smile on your face. As well, if you do not have a kitchen torch to burn the sugar on top, the broil function in you oven will work just fine!

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Crema Catalana
Traditional Sangria

Sangria is a lovely complement to a Spanish meal, or simply a nice afternoon out in the sun. This fruit infused wine with a touch of liquor and lemon soda always delights the tastebuds. While it is easy to prepare it does require a bit of patience to get the very best flavor. Make sure you choose a simple Spanish wine for Sangria if you want to make sure that the flavor is truly authentic!

Spain - Joshua Weitzer - Traditional Sangria