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Jim Huntington
Jim Huntington


Brazilian, French


English, Portuguese, French

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BET Brazil Eastern Time GMT-3:00


Pro Chef

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Chef James F. Huntington Sr. is a Brazilian born Chef from Sao Paulo. With parents from the USA he retired in the states but has been pulled back to Brazil on a culinary mission to give quality back to the dish. Chef specializes in Brazilian and French cuisine. His Professional Chef journey dates back to 1993 where he became a Certified Executive Chef by the American Culinary Federation, launching him on a highly credited whirlwind of a career. With over 40 years in the business of owning several successful restaurants, Chef’s repertoire expands past the 80-hour work week behind the scenes, to numerous television appearances and publications in a vast array of culinary magazines. As chef likes to say- “I know my way around the kitchen.” His passion for knowledge and perfection in cuisine has fueled his drive to provide his city, and those around the world with items he finds to be non-existent or not up to par in quality. Chef says- Entrée’s, Appetizers, Soups, freshly baked cookies, fudge and numerous other sweets or confections not found anywhere else. Freshly made top quality is our credo! Those who are close with chef will tell you his motto- “There are two ways of doing things, the right way and every other way. Do it the right way to begin with.” Chef’s creative expression in cooking will cross into skills and will elevate any guests experience. His students will gain all he deems to share in a playful and passionate manner because after all, Chef says “Cooking is Life.”

Grouper or Cod Palmeiro: This is a succulent fish dish!

Brazil-Jim Huntington-Grouper Palmeiro
Grouper Palmeiro

A Brazilian Staple

Brazil-Jim Huntington-Pasteis

A classic Worldwide!

Brazil-Jim Huntington-Salmon Cake with Mustard Sauce
Salmon Cake W/Mustard Sauce

Classic dish of Banana Rum Bread

Brazil-Jim Huntington-Banana Rum Bread
Banana Bread with Struesel Topping