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Ikuko Asoh
Ikuko Asoh




English, Japanese

Time Zone:

Japan Standard Time (UTC +9)


Home Cook

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Chef Ikuko Asoh is a home chef born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her passion for the culinary world became very clear at a young age, fueling her curiosity for all thing’s food and travel. Her journey started with a career as a teacher of the Japanese language, which allowed her to travel around the world. During this time, she lived in several countries such as the United States, France, and Switzerland where she utilized her time learning about their food culture from the ultimate source- locals. Her repertoire grew as did her travels when she studied in several cooking schools learning from a detailed list of professional chefs.

Chawan-mushi is a popular dish of Japanese cuisine, and it is a classic menu in Japanese restaurants and Sushi restaurants as a side dish

Japan - Ikuko Asoh - Chawan-mushi