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Chef Hira is our professional Chef from Pakistan. She is trained in Pakistani, Continental and Chinese Cuisines, along with Baking and Cocktails. She loves street food and is passionate about Spices. She has published her own book on Pakistani Cuisine.

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The Haleem cooking method require entire attention while preparation. It is a very traditional and royal dish based on lentils,rice,barley,whole wheat and extremely tenderized combination of meat.It require few hour to enhance the aroma.Usually in Pakistani cultural cuisine the haleem is made occasionally in a year in special metallic huge pods being simmered over night. But in this short and instant preparation of heleem require few hours.

Nargisi kofta

The Nargisi kofta is an impressive Shahi dish in Pakistani cuisine. It is occasionally made in special family event like a bride and groom's welcome party. The chemistry of meat and eggs with hot and spicy gravy give it aromatic sense of taste and mouthwatering flavor.

Pakistan-Hira-Farrukh-Nargisi Kofta
Chicken Biryani

The Chicken Biryani is the rice based dish with spicy and hot chicken gravy combination. It is the main course dish in Pakistani À la carte. The combination of different spices and herbs give it an aromatic sense of flavor.

Pakistan-Hira-Farrukh-Chicken Biryani