Goran Josipovic

Goran Josipovic


Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian


English, Serbian

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Central Europe Time (UTC +1)


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Chef Goran Josipovic is a professional chef out of Serbia. His passion for Serbian cuisine led him to graduate from culinary school in 2008 where his food journey took off. His resume evolved as did his pallet where he worked with several major restaurants in the Belgrade area. Chef decided to expand his repertoire to the high seas, where he spent three years working on a cruise ships flagship restaurant. While cooking remains his passion, he carried that on to the design side of the kitchen, expanding his skills in configurations and design. Chef believes covering all angles of the kitchen helps him stay current and connected in the culinary world. This has allowed him to take part in many TV shows and has been managing his own food blog. Chef specializes in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian cuisine and his students will gain more than cooking knowledge when they work with him, and he looks forward to sharing.

Dishes you can learn with


Serbia - Goran Josipovic - Ustipci

A simple yet satisfying snack for popular in Balkan coutries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, especially in Vojvodina.

Uštipci (Fried dough)
Serbia - Goran Josipovic - Pileci Paprika

A soul warming chincken soup, which sooths the natives in harsh cold weather. Its easy to make, and can be stored for future meals. Usually eaten with bread/ rice or just by itself.

Pileci paprika (Chicken stew)
Serbia - Goran Josipovic - Guzvara Pita

This version of pie comes from Serbia. Popular in the whole country, and is a staple during festivities.

Guzvara pita (Serbian pie)

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