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Gianna and Vicky

Gianna and Vicky




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Chef’s Gianna and Ludovica are the dynamic Italian duo ready to bring you into their kitchen, and stay a while. As aunt and niece, family is everything and family is food in Italy. Based out of Milan they specialize in authentic Milanese dishes. Welcome to the family with these lovely ladies, as you will learn family traditions and skills passed down from generations.

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Italy -  Gianna & Ludovia - Spaghetti con polpette delizia

The recipe is made up of simple and genuine ingredients you can easily find in your groceries store. It is quite easy and does not require specific cooking skills for the preparation. It is also fun because you can work with your bare hands to create the meatballs stuffed with delicious mozzarella. This version of the recipe contains meatballs which can be easily substituted with their vegetarian equivalent, equally appetizing and tasteful! A small hint to create beautiful and small meatballs…... always keep your hands slightly moist! Enjoy your meal and ... how tasty!

Spaghetti con polpette delizia