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My name is Filippo and I am from Rome. My culinary journey began when I was 17, which was when I decided to become a butcher. I quickly started working in a family owned restaurant, but I wanted to do and be more. Which is why I moved to London and spent 2 years at the Metropolitan Hotel & Durley House. I then had a wonderful opportunity to move to the United States and landed in Los Angeles, specifically at So.Ho. House in Cecconi's West Hollywood for their 18 month restaurant opening. I then moved to Melbourne Australia - gaining more international experience before heading back to Rome. I now live in the Eternal City and work for a cooking school located downtown. Throughout my travels, I became an expert in teaching authentic Italian cuisine to tourists and locals alike. Leaving the restaurant kitchen to focus on another passion of mine, instructing, started over 4 years ago. In that time, I have learned how to teach my love for pasta, risotto and all things Italian. I have also fine-tuned how to make vegetarian and gluten free dishes, while keeping the authentic tastes of Italy. Just let me know how you want to learn and I will ensure you will have a lovely Roman Holiday to your tastes!

Dishes you can learn with



This most-known Italian dessert. Did you know that there are so many ways to personalize it to your liking such as coffee, strawberries, pistachio or even apple cider?

Learn to cook this simple dessert and be inspired after the class to combine different ingredient combinations until you find YOUR perfect cream consistency mixed with YOUR favorite after dinner flavors. The creativity is in you, I will simply show you the techniques on how to create YOUR perfect tiramisu.

Italy - Filippo Melfi - TIramisù
Ravioli ricotta and spinach

Fresh pasta is a must. Did you know that when you fill the pasta you combine flavors and ingredients better? Shaping the ravioli, filling it and learning the different sauce combinations will make your creativity grow in the kitchen. In this class,I will teach you how to make homemade pasta. Don’t have a pasta machine? No worries, you will learn how to do this the old fashioned way, by hand. At the same time, you will also hear the history behind the shapes and why the flavor combinations need to be just right. We don’t want your filling to fall out during the boil, so be sure to ask questions on the proper ravioli sealing technique throughout the class.

Remember Italians use very few ingredients in every dish. Learn to cook ravioli with me and I will teach you how simple is best for the palette. At the end of the class, you will understand that less is more - with no more than 3 ingredients for the filling and 3 for the sauce. With this tip, you will be able to recreate the authentic tastes of Italy, time and time again.

Italy - Filippo Melfi - Ravioli Ricotta Spinach