Fatma El-Hassan

Fatma El-Hassan

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Chef Fatma El-Hassan is a home chef who was born in Abu Dhabi but grew up in Egypt. Her culinary journey developed early on thanks to the wonderful world of Travel. Fatma has had the opportunity to live in the UAE, India, Bahrain and has chosen to call Luxembourg her home for the past three years. The gift of travelling and trying a vast array of new food has fueled her passion to keep exploring and learning new dishes and tips in the kitchen. Specializing in Egyptian/Arabic cuisine, Chef Fatma runs her own “in person” cooking classes out of Luxembourg. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for international cuisine and looks forward to seeing you in the kitchen.

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If you're excited to try new healthy Egyptian recipes and you want to learn how to cook the real Egyptian Authentic food. Maqlouba مقلوبة which means literally "up side down" or you can call it rice cake is a traditional dish which is very popular in the Arab region, the plate is layers of meat, eggplants, potatoes and rice usually serves with yogurt and Arabic salad.


Shakshouka is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, and different herbs. it's very famous in the whole middle eastern area but we claim that it's Egyptian!


Koshari is a hearty dish composed of fried onions, lentil, rice, chickpeas, pasta topped with a spicy tomato and lemon sauce. its a very popular street food and trust me this stuff dangerously addictive. Fun Fact: People say that the name of "Koshari" comes from the French people were they used to say Egyptian are eating caché riz literally "the Hidden rice"