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Chef Fabian Vitale simply loves food and pastry. He has spent many years traveling and cooking across Europe and South America. Through such experiences, he has become a go-to for fusion cooking involving Mediterranean classics and South American favorites like empanadas and Argentina's 'new' take on pizza. Chef Fabian obtained a Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts IAG, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and underwent professional training in Mediterranean food and pastry in UAB, Barcelona Spain. He is also a great teacher and received an Associate Degree in Higher Education Teaching, in Panamá. What food tastes can he help you replicate? Why not learn authentic dishes from everywhere Chef has been? In the mood for something from Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, London, Panamá City, or Houston?

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Celery, Blue Cheese and Apple salad

The vinaigrette is an important sauce in the kitchen.
Ill teach how to prepare in this recipe.
This salad its a great mix of flavors, the roquefort or blue cheese give to the salad an strong flavor matchs perfectly with the celery and green apples-
Its a great starter for any meal very nice to drink with a cold beeror a good and strong white wine

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Celery, blue cheese and apple saladVirtual Cooking Class
Provence Style Quiche

Quiches are famous in France. This quiche from Provence is made with zucchini, onions, bell red pepper, herbes, eggs and creme. Is nutritious and delicious. You can add cheese. The choice of vegetables is left to the cook.and is suitable for vegetarians. Is an starter and you can use tomatoes instead of bell pepper.

France - Fabian Vitale - Provence style quicheVirtual Cooking Class
Strawberries with Chantilly Cream

During the spring in Argentina, greengrocers fill with strawberries that, with their intense red color and aroma, tantalize the senses. I love them and I can actually eat them natural, without any companion.
Making this dessert is actually quite easy, you just have to have a little patience with the cream to make it perfect

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Strawberries with chantilly creamVirtual Cooking Class
Beet and Carrot Salad

Beet and carrot salad is a common side to comfort food. Nothing is more reminiscent of a family meal than a plate with some meat, white rice and this colorful salad. It is very easy and fast to prepare, as well as being very nutritional and with a high yield. Other ingredients can be added to this recipe, but beets and carrots must be the protagonists of the preparation.

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Beet and carrot saladVirtual Cooking Class
Marinated Aubergines

Vinaigrette is an emulsified sauce that owes this quality to the combination of two ingredients: one acidic (vinegar or lemon) and the other fatty (oil, sour cream, mayonnaise or natural yogurt). This preparation can accompany vegetables, rice, pasta, sandwiches, appetizers (cookies, crudit?s, etc.) and many others, as well as garnish salads, white and red meats cooked on the grill, grill or grill. In addition, vinaigrettes are excellent for marinating meat, fish or cheese, among other products.

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Marinated aubergines (italian-argentinian style)Virtual Cooking Class
Fideua My Style

A healthy dish from the mediterranean sea from Gandia, Valencia region, Spain.
Very popular and fresh. To have a good fish broth is very important, made with fishbones and vegetables. The pasta must be "al dente" seafood as fresh as posible. Similar to paella, but with pasta instead of rice( can be noodles)

Spain - Fabian Vitale - Fideua( my style)Virtual Cooking Class
Dulce de Leche
Crêpes - Crème Caramel Crêpes

Cream caramel( dulce de leche) is the most famous argentinian sweet spread.
We gonna use it inside the crepes.
Its a typical dessert served at home and in many restaurants .
The kids love this dessert, its a family recipe. The creme caramel is widely used in Argentina, as a spread with bread or diferents cookies.
Our croissants( medialuna) are filled with this the creme caramel and patisserie cream

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Cream caramel creps( dulce de leche crepesVirtual Cooking Class
Fugazzeta - Stuffed Pizza with mozzarella and jam

This is an unic stuffed pizza from Argentina. If you go to Buenos Aires don t miss
the opportunity to taste this pizza. Stop by a pizzeria( pizza shop and ask for a fugazzeta rellena. You can get just a slice if you want. The dough here is the most important part of the recipe. The filling is mozzarella cheese that melts when you cut an slice.
You go to learn how to make it at home. You won t be dissapointed

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Fugazzeta Stuffed Pizza with mozzarella and jamVirtual Cooking Class
Loin or Rib eye beef with malbec sauce and sauté vegetables

Of the wide variety of cuts of beef, the loin is the king cut. I will tell you how to prepare it with a red wine sauce so that you can entertain your guests. A recipe to delight palates, receive applause and pair with fine wines.
When it comes to meat dishes, the loin is the cut of choice for gourmet preparations as it inspires nobility and quality, given its tenderness and low fat content. This time i ll present you a recipe to prepare the red wine loin and and a side dish.

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Loin or Ribe eye beef with a rich malbec( red wine) sauce and saut� vegetablesVirtual Cooking Class
Salpicon - Chicken and Vegetables Salad with Golf Sauce

Enjoy a very rich, cheap and healthy entry. Chicken with vegetables salpic?n is a dish that combines these ingredients, dressing them with a delicious aioli sauce. With this easy recipe you can prepare a good starter or if you prefer as a garnish for any main dish.
I make this recipe with chicken breast

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Chicken and vegetables salad with golf sauce( Salpicon)Virtual Cooking Class
Argentinian Churrasco with Chimichurri and Creole Sauces

This recipe for the traditional Argentine chimichurri sauce is prepared with parsley, oregano, garlic, onion, chili or hot pepper, vinegar and oil. I realized that I needed to share my recipe for this classic Argentine sauce, even though I have previously posted a recipe for the quick version of the chimichurri that uses fresh basil and also my recipe for the balsamic chimichurri, which has a higher proportion of oregano. and it has balsamic vinegar. The Argentine chimichurri is usually prepared with a mortar or by finely chopping the herbs. Sometimes (like in the quick recipe) a short cut can be taken when preparing it in the food processor, but for the traditional recipe it is better to prepare it by hand.

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - ? Argentinian churrasco with chimichurri and creole saucesVirtual Cooking Class
Sweetbreads with Wine and Green Onions Sauce

A pale, wobbly, fatty gland that comes from the area near the heart (the thymus) or the throat (the parotid gland), each with its own characteristics. We are talking about the sweetbreads, that achura that at first glance, stacked on the counter of the butcher shop, lacks all attraction. In fact, most of the countries of the world despise them, considering them a minor dispossession, which is not even for sale. But there are exceptions, of course. There is France, with all its gastronomic culture honoring the gizzard, in dishes as classic as aristocratic. And here is Argentina, a country of fires and embers, showing an irrepressible passion for this gland, which is verified in every self-respecting grill. That sweetbread that, cooked until it has a crispy exterior, served with salt and a generous lemon wedge on top, is a national weakness Considered by some chefs as the national foie gras, for its creamy texture and intense flavor, today the gizzard gains place not only in the grills but even in the best restaurants

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Sweetbreads with wine and green onions sauceVirtual Cooking Class
Rabas a la Provencal - Deep Fried Qquid Ring Provencal Style

In this recipe we bring a very traditional appetizer or tapa, rabas a la Proven?al. When we talk about rabas we refer to squid or squid rings, which we are going to marinate in this mixture and previously we are going to batter and fry in plenty of oil
Very good with lemon juice and a glass of beer in front of the sea.

Argentina - Fabian Vitale - Rabas a la Proven�al ( Deep fried squid ring provencal style)Virtual Cooking Class
Greek Orange Cakes with Almonds

Sweet and moist cake baked with eggs, butter, orange juice and zest, sugar, eggs, flour. The original recipe is Vasilopita, a greek cake made in New Year s Day, this is my style recipe: There are too many, I made it with almonds, caramelized orange zest, and honey. I like with a good cup of cofee .

Greece - Fabian Vitale - Greek Orange cakes with almonds , carameliVirtual Cooking Class