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Daniel loves to investigate new local ingredients and to apply modern techniques and create new menus. He is in constant motion and loved to cook traditional colombian culinary

Dishes you can learn with


Cazuela paisa de frijoles

The red beans are very tasty and prepared in this way or with beef, pork or bacon. Whichever way, it makes an amazing main course. There are many kind of beans stew, but nothing like the "cazuela paisa "

Colombia-Daniel Rodriguez-Cazuela paisa de frijoles
Ajiaco Bogotano

Coming from the era of Spanish colonization, and with some improvements attributed to the Spanish comes the best, the most delicate combination of three kinds of potatoes, chicken, cob and some unique species of Colombia, "Guascas" enjoys ...

Colombia-Daniel Rodriguez-Ajiaco Bogotano
Posta negra cartagenera

Posta Negra is a great dish from Cartagena, on the coast of Colombia. This is a unique meat recipe, but has multiple variations across the city. Each family has its own secrets. I am sharing mine with you here!

Colombia-Daniel Rodriguez-Posta Negra Cartagenera
Arroz con Coco

This rice recipe is one of Colombian favourites, specially around the coastal regions. Perfect to accompany many dishes, especially like Posta negra cartagenera and fish.

Colombia-Daniel Rodriguez-Arroz Con Coco