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Chef Chase Nilson has been a part of the culinary world for over fifteen years and can be described as an at-home culinary adventurer who loves butter. He will tell you that he has always been an active part of the kitchen, whether simply helping or perfecting a dish. His chef journey landed him as a line cook in a Chicago based Michelin- star restaurant where he learned valuable “tips and tricks” that he has carried on in his cooking repertoire. A world traveler soaking in experiences and flavors to elevate his pallet he has chosen to specialize in Italian cuisine. A believer that cooking is a love language, he genuinely enjoys cooking delicious meals for those he loves, preferably with a glass of prosecco in hand.

Dishes you can learn with


Green Eggs with No Ham

Taking a cue from Dr. Seuss, my Green Eggs with No Ham is a fun and healthy twist to your weekend breakfast! Lightly fried sunny side eggs placed upon a smooth kale pesto, sharp asiago, and moments of spicy heat. Green Eggs and No Ham are sure to kickstart a great day; simple enough for one, and fancy enough to impress your friends!

USA-Chase-Nilson-Green Eggs No Ham
Mexican-French Toast

French Toast, though always delicious, can sometimes be one-note. I like to think my French Toast with a Mexican twist is four-note. Beginning with Mexican Concha Bread, this french toast is soaked in a luxurious custard spiked with cinnamon, swirled with vanilla, and scented with citrus zest. Fried till golden brown, this treat has a crisp outside and tender inside, topped with butter and sweet maple syrup. A generous sprinkling of the Concha bread sugar topping adds a new layer of texture and sweet crunch. This is best enjoyed with your favorite people, or with your favorite reality TV show.

USA-Chase-Nilson-Mexican French Toast
Mediterranean Omelette

The other day, I watched a Tasty video about how to make fluffy eggs, and it has forever changed how I will cook eggs. Beating egg whites separately from the yolk makes this omelette light-as-a-feather. My mediterranean omelette is a joyful cacophony of flavors and textures. The intense heat of the chili garlic sauce is chilled with the sour creaminess of the créme fraîche, while the basil and sun dried tomatoes add an intentionally Italian touch. Speedy to cook, and even quicker to whip up, my Tasty-inspired Mediterranean Omelette with a Kick will boost your breakfast cred!

USA-Chase-Nilson-Mediterranean Omelette