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Aristide Spies


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Maître sommelier


Maître sommelier

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Aristide Spies is one of the best sommeliers in Europe and the world. After graduating as Master Sommelier of Wines and Spirits of France 2004, he won the 2007 best Best Sommelier of Belgium. Aristide was quarter-finalist at the 2010 World Sommelier Championships in Santiago, Chile and won 3rd Best Sommelier of the World in 2013 in Tokyo. In addition to his WSET Diploma, Aristide has also graduated from London Wine School as a Master Sommelier. "Being a sommelier is about sharing things we enjoy" is the quote that made Aristide globally renowned. Here Aristide will take your team through the joy of wine, with stories and descriptions of his favorite wines, vineyards and vintners.

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