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Andre Susilo

Andre Susilo




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Chef Andre Susilo was born in Bandung Indonesia. Chef Andre attended culinary school in Indonesia, and has been a professional chef since 2003. He has 10 years of experiences in hotels, restaurant, ship, catering. Chef Bruno has developed his skills in Indonesian & fusion food, and wanted to teach at Chefpassport to introduce famous Indonesian food to the whole word. A famous Chef once said "Everyone has their own appetite, as a chef this is not an easy job", hence Chef Bruno believe a Chef must be creative and have knowledge in food.

Dishes you can learn with


Indonesia-Andre Susilo-Soto Ayam

Soto ayam is a yellow/white/clear spicy chicken soup with lontong or nasi himpit or ketupat (all compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes) and/or vermicelli or noodles, it is from Indonesia, and popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Suriname. Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. It is probably the most popular variant of soto, a traditional soup commonly found in Indonesian cuisine. Besides chicken and vermicelli, it can also be served with hard-boiled eggs, slices of fried potatoes, Chinese celery leaves, and fried shallots. Coconut milk is sometimes used as an ingredient. Occasionally, people will add "koya", a powder of mixed prawn crackers with fried garlic or orange colored spicy sambal, krupuk or emping is a very common topping.

Soto Ayam
Indonesia-Andre Susilo-Sate Lilit Bali

"Satay Lilit Bali - shrimp and mackerel loaded onto bamboo skewers, grilled and then served with Balinese dipping sauce.
Indonesia is a nation comprised of more than 17,500 islands that span across a wide geographical area. As a result, Indonesian cuisine is diverse as it’s paired with the influences from the many culture in the archipelago.
Sate (or Satay) is a dish consisting of diced or sliced chicken, goat, mutton, beef, pork, or fish. Sate is commonly threaded onto bamboo skewers, grilled over charcoal fire or coconut-shell charcoal, and then served with various spicy dipping sauces.
Sate is believed to have originated from Java, Indonesia, but it is also popular in many Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Sate is a very popular street food in Indonesia; it can be served as a side dish, or a main dish at lunch or dinner."

Sate Lilit Bali
Indonesia-Andre Susilo-Nasi Goreng Kampung

Fried rice is a food in the form of fried rice and stirred in cooking oil or margarine, usually added with sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, tamarind, pepper and other spices, such as eggs, chicken, and crackers. There are also other types of fried rice made with salted fish which are also popular throughout Indonesia.
Fried rice is also known as Indonesian national cuisine. Of the many dishes in the treasures of Indonesian cuisine, only a few can be regarded as true national food. Indonesian national cuisine does not recognize social class boundaries. Fried rice can be enjoyed simply at roadside stalls, mobile peddlers, restaurants and buffet tables at parties."

Nasi Goreng Kampung "Fried Rice"