Chef Application


"ChefPassport is a digital platform to connect cooking enthusiasts with chefs and home cooks from all over the world providing live streaming interactive cooking classes. ChefPassport envisions a world where the authenticity of the traditional, local, homely cuisines become more accessible, spread and experienced at a global level."

-Matteo Ressa, ChefPassport CEO

Our Professional and Home Chefs make us who we are - the DNA of ChefPassport.


They are video instructors, food adventurers, and put very simply, people who love to share their passion for food.


If you want to become a digital food educator, we ask you to fill in our Chef Application. 


Please note that during the application we will ask you to provide a link to a video (YouTube or other video platform) where we ask you to do the following:

  1. Explain why you want to become a ChefPassport Chef

  2. Teach us how to make the best scrambled eggs

Therefore make sure you have your video link available before proceeding to the next steps.


So, put your aprons on, power up your devices and turn on your creativity.


Thank you for taking the first steps into helping people cook, travel and learn differently.