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During this cooking class, our pro chef Matthew will take you through a journey to United States, where you will learn up to three authentic and classic dishes of this country.

Book a live streaming interactive cooking class with Matthew and discover the unique taste of United States food.



Select how many dishes you want to include from this cooking class menu (up to 3 dishes).

Each dish takes approximately 1 hour to prepare, so the duration of the class depends on the number of dishes you want to cook.

A ChefPassport representative will contact you to review the full recipes, your shopping list, the required kitchen tools and answer your questions. 

Before the booked day, make sure that you get all the ingredients from a local store of your choice. Feel free to communicate with us if you find problems in finding the ingredient.


On the day of the class, get ready in your kitchen, turn on your device, connect with the chef and have fun cooking together!


All time favourite seared flank steak with a twist of spiceful green chimichurri sauce and fresh mix of fennel salad.

Chimichurri Steak w/ Beet & Fennel Salad

You can't go wrong with burger and fries. It has the softness of the bread, juicy meat, fresh salads, and the crunches of the fries. Whether it is for a movie night with your friends, or a get together with your family, again, you can't go wrong! Learn how to make on with Chef Matthew!

Burger and frites

The sandwich that you can't miss from US? This pulled pork and creamy coleslaw sandwich! A classic US dish from Tennesse that is juicy and rich of the smoky barbeque flavour, topped with creamy and fresh coleslaw. All in one bite!

Barbeque Pulled Pork and creamy coleslaw

The most popular chowder style across US is the New England clam chowder for it is creamy and hearty. This chowder gets its thickness from a perfect balance of heavy cream and puréed potatoes.

New England clam chowder

This dish brings us to the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia, where it is traditionally made for breakfast. The dish is linked to the shrimp season in the area. The brothy grits topped with flavourful shrimps is the perfect combination that will bring you comfort.

Shrimps and grits

Caesar salad was invented by an Italian immigrant in the US named Caesar Cardini, first created for a 4th of July celebration at his restaurant (Caesar's). Common ingredients used for the salad are lettuce, croutons, mustard, and spices. It's simple and healthy, good to pack for lunches or a light dinner.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Creamy potato salad is such a classic dish in the US that everyone claims to have the recipe of the best one! But, for its simplicity, it makes it tricky to make the best one. Luckily we got Chef Matthew to teach you on how to make a moist and flavourful classic creamy potato salad!

Creamy potato salad

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?! Crunch and gooey with the bold and lovely chocolate bits. Just imagine the smell of baking cookies in your kitchen. This classic US sweet snacks reminds a lot of people of their grandma and family for such homey memories. Now, you can make homey memories for your loved ones too!

Chocolate chips cookies

Brownie is simple: it is a square, baked, chocolate dense dessert. Some people like it fudgy, some other like it cakey. But the rich flavour of the chocolate has wowed people around the states since 1893. It is an all time favourite US classic that is hard to resist.


Lobster roll is a hotdog bun filled with buttery and creamy chopped lobster meat. The dish is native to New England and becomes a staple food during summer season in the region. It is fresh, it is flavourful, it is what you need for your sunny days!

Lobster Rolls

Baked beans, the perfect companion for barbeque, even considered as a staple! This dish is very popular around the states and there many variety of it among the regions. However, despite the name is 'baked', the beans are commonly stewed in sauce, such as sweet tomato, and usually spiced with brown sugar, or even mustard for a tangy twist.

Baked beans

Arkansas black apple is the darkest apple originated from Benton County, Arkansas. It is also called the 'snow white' apple. These fragrant dark red ripe apples are great to bake into the classic american pie.

Arkansas black apple pie

Fried chicken, the fried chicken parts coated in seasoned batter. It is a favourite because of its crispness. The seasoned batter also makes the chicken meat flavourful and juicy. While it is common to find fried chicken as a fast food, you can make your healthier version at home!

Fried chicken

Originally from Texas in 1850s, the beef chili has a strong Mexican 'spicyness' that is so delightful. It is dish of a spicy stew starring meat (usually beef) and chili peppers. For its simplicity, this dish often used to 'spice-up' other dishes, such as hot dog or a pie. But here, we are going to learn from the basic, that is to create a flavourful beef chili.

Beef Chilli

Brought by Jefferson from Paris to US in 1800s, quickly spread across the states, and became nationwide classic dish: the Mac n Cheese! It is a pasta dish (macaroni) that is deliciously creamy from the cheese. In this version, Chef Matthew will make it more tasty and interesting with the addition of bacon!

Bacon Macaroni & Cheese


The price and the duration of this class varies depending on the number of dishes you want to learn.


1 Dish |  1 hour  |  $39.99

2 DishES |  2 hours  |  $69.99

3 DishES |  3 hours  |  $109.99

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In the next phase, you can then specify which dishes you want to include in your class from the menu listed above. ​

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